Engler Key

7 Months and Growing...

Liz, Aunt Christine, Cousin Andrew - Nov 2006

Elizabeth first Halloween

Hoover Dam at 6 months

Elizabeth at 3 months

Engler Family at Buchart Gardens, British Columbia

Engler Family

Craig and Carolyn Dancing

Our Wedding, Miami Yacht Club, May 8th 2004

"Carolyn and Craig's Wedding Website"

The "Castaways Against Cancer" have completed their 7th annual trip and raised over $35,000

Photo Album of Digital Pictures

I currently live in Miami, Florida working as a physical scientist with the NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory. At AOML I am a member of the Global Ocean Observing System Field Operations team. I am involved in research projects dealing with predicting global climatic change. I find the work very interesting. Everyday a new challenge. Interacting with people from all over the globe. The best part of my job is the international travel. One month I may be rding a ship across the Atlantic. The next month serving as a U.S. program reprensentative at an international meeting. The program has taken me near and far. My eyes have been opened to many different cultures and beliefs. Always keep an open mind! Take a look at the Physical Oceanography Division to learn more.


I enjoy various seasonal activities and am always looking to try something new. Currently, I am in training for the Castaways Against Cancer 150 mile paddle from Miami Beach to Key West. Other physical activities include swimming, biking, hiking, camping, sailing.

This web page was insurrected on the evening of September 22, 1999 to serve as a means to exchange photos and stories with family and friends around the globe.

Castaways Against Cancer July 2004

Castaways Against Cancer July 2004, Miami Beach, Florida



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